Special Events

All off premises excursions are included in the registration fees for the Zone Institute.  The the schedule of these events will be posted shortly.  The excursions are inteded to provide you with a “taste” of the Coulee Region. We hope you enjoy all the fun we have planned for you!

Enjoy our terrific line up for this conference!

Dinner Special by Tim Hall: Friday

Tim Hall is a renouned cajan chef who brings zest and zing and a lot of smiles to his cooking.

Music by Dan Sebranek: Friday

Enjoy the muscial talents of Dan Sebranek an Onalaska, WI native.  Dan has entertained and joyed his crowds with songs for over 35 plus years and he can make his music touch his audience.

Saturday: Dr. Stuart Robertshaw


Dr. Stuart Robertshaw, a professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education at the UW-La Crosse and founder of the National Association of the Humor Impaired in 1990 and serves as its President and CEO. A nationally known speaker and humorist, Robertshaw has presented to over 700 business, healthcare and education organizations. His research on the subject of humor led him to conclude that “15% of Americans are humor impaired, another 15% are at risk and it’s no laughing matter.” Dr. Humor will guide us to a discovery of the healing powers of humor, teach us the benefits of therapeutic laughter, will demonstrate how to increase joy and fun in the work place